Be Careful Out There!!

Readers I've been commuting to various locales within nyc from Long Island for 18 years and even though there isn't and excessive amount of snow , the road conditions are awful and continue to deteriorate It took me four damn hours to get home tonight from Long Island city to bellmore that may be a … Continue reading Be Careful Out There!!


The Complete Story of the Meridians (Parnaso Records)

The group the Ideals came first. The Ideals existed from 1962-1963 and consisted of Roger Bruno, Felix DeMasi, Tim Maia, Paul Mitranga and Bill Adair.  Bruno joined the group later on and Maia eventually had to leave the country in 1963 (he overstayed his visa). The Ideals  recorded a few demos circa early 1963 (including "New Love," "Go Ahead And Cry," and "You.")  Some … Continue reading The Complete Story of the Meridians (Parnaso Records)