Welcome to The Rough Cut !

Greetings and salutations!! Mario here(or citizen g if you prefer) and Ive finally returned to the world of blogging! A shit ton of things has changed in my life personally and professionally since I did Blogger a few years ago, som for the good and some not so good. That’s how it goes though and being I’m in a new place in life, one I haven’t been in before I want to make a sort of chronicle of any success or failures I may have.

But that’s not all. I’m gonna take a multipronged approach to how I market myself as The Rough Cut will hopefully come in some form on spreaker soon ( very soon actually ,I’m gonna register an account as soon as I’m done here ) and dip my feet into basic podcasting. If that goes well a youtube or vimeo channel may come after.

A little about me, I’m forty years young, live in Bellmore, NY gainfully employed, have two kids and currently legally separated , finishing a divorce. Its never a great thing at all to go through this (I’m not gonna touch too much right now) but it is an eye opener and so far the settlement is in and I’ve somewhat lucked out…so far, but neither here nor there at the moment.

I am not going to be at this alone, I am hoping to get a few contributors here to blog about things going on, be it a dating scene or fitness and routines, to subjects like music film ( good films not 90% of the shit made today though it will be touched upon ) games, the state of young men (society in general)where I’m going or what has been going on in life worth journaling and sharing. nothing is off limits and I hope my contributors (and myself) keep it real and raw, hence the title. I want honesty more than anything else, and I suspect a lot of people seek it these crazy days.

And lastly Id like to get some short fiction on here too maybe even some illustrations maybe music too.Almost as if I was doing some blog o zine(which I almost but thankfully didn’t).

whether its a minor post or an essay I will certainly try and hit this up at least twice a week in the beginning, moreso as I readjust to the process of writing and creating  content again. I hope that whoever reads this understands where I’m coming from ( or is at least interested) and wants to tag along. Until then, citizen g signing off , will speak soon. look out for that podcast too. cheers


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