Most people are either still sleeping or getting ready for their day

I’ve been up had a quick breakfast and hit the road to be at my work site by 5 am. I do this because parking has been a bitch here in Jamaica by the train station, and I can either set up stay till 330 collect an hour of time and a half or option b, leave when my crews do at 2. Traffic is a breeze too; at this hour I could literally count on one hand how many other cars were on the road on the southern at that hour(a little busier on the belt and van wyck). This is probably the loneliest (but necessary) time of my day.

These really are not ordinary circumstances for my work normally I’m in by 6, or 6:30 to start at 7 with onsite parking.

I’m not bitching as I’ve always been an early bird just doing what I have to do in order to adapt.

Sometimes I get here and see prostitutes pissing in the street and livery cabs picking them up.

Get up ,do 20-40 push-ups get the blood going shower eat and hit the road. After work it’ll be an hour at the gym which I try to hit two to four days a week I tend to fail on the latter but on average it’s three.

I tend to eat one meal during the day and drink a lot of water especially on a hot day like today. I wait a little before coffee (I don’t drink one right away often) when I do it’s black w nothing in it the way a man should. None of this light and sweet bullshit.

Why do I write this?

Because it’s a routine, a discipline. It is something to be maintained especially as a man moves up that ladder of age+ experience (less and less an excuse is what I’m coming to realize as one gets older) and though it’s not a big deal to most I know, I realize there’s many out there who lack this.

Have a routine no matter what your schedule is, especially in the morning. We all know life hits us w the unexpected shit, but the time you wake up to when you head out is truly yours more-so than any other time.

If you have access to a twenty four hour gym hit it. I used to (gym I’m with now isn’t. I go after work) or do a quick bit of exercise to start your day. Eat. Read. Something that preps you for your day and stick to it.

Now I start my paperwork to give my crews an easier start when they arrive .

That’s the rough cut for 5am get out there and kick some ass and when I return I’m gonna be talking about books what I’ve ordered and what I’ll be reading.




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