Labor Day weekend

Once again, another summer is at its end and schools and traffic pick up… well, in any case, it was a hot humid one this year , wasn’t it?( and we’re still not out of the woods yet).

Many of us had our bbq’s and parties and what not, not too different for me either. I took Friday off and had Monday off making it a much needed four day weekend. Sometimes just the constant barrage of things can add up, no matter what your internal fortitude may look like and lets just say it was needed.

Besides , I had my daughters this weekend too, and its something not only do I look forward to but truly relish every second I spend with them. Divorce cant be easy on the kids at all; in fact they probably feel it the most, so I really try to make the most of it and let them know I’m there no matter what. So we did a few things together indulged a bit too with some really good eating courtesy of

A: My landlord and her most wonderful loving family(ive known her for over twenty years and this may the first or second time ive actually met them !) They had a bbq Saturday and invited myself and my girls to eat, very generous and warm people. My daughters somewhat shy bordering antisocial really took to them too

B: Dannys Chinese kitchen…nuff said there

C: The Lighthouse Diner our last day for breakfast. Good but in a dime a dozen way.

Aside that and the oppressive humidity, it was the little things that counted. My oldest is becoming quite the bass player ( like her old man but that is another tale) very quickly so we spent time together trying to breakdown songs from one of her favorite bands.

I’m  quite out of practice (but  this cat still has some teeth )and unfortunately, while I’m a good bassist, I am not a great teacher and I’m glad she takes lessons and that her lessons are paying off, she runs circles around me theory wise!

I mention it also because music ( I’m hoping my friend and maybe even if my oldest wants to write about her journey,comes aboard as a contributor here) articles too will be a part of this and I hope to grab some local musicians when the podcast comes into full swing

Now for my little one, she’s the gamer. When time allows and I have the inclination I indulge myself, but primarily the old school sega/nes/snes type of thing that’s surged in popularity the past few years, joining many other nostalgia driven industries. I think theres more to it especially on the homebrew end  and again I hope to write more on this for future posts as well.

Anyhow she had a mission in her head to complete toe jam and earl on the sega genesis, one of my old favorites from way back when. We made three attempts and came close twice, but alas, we need a hair more practice.  A few more emulated games (nes wheel of fortune and monopoly were big hits at my place, super double dragon? not so much) few movies some driving around, a number of much needed naps  and a second bbq sort of capped our four days together. I always get a little sad when I drop them off too..

In any case I came back to a miserable morning starting in Jamaica and winding up in Long Island City, leading to an even more miserable commute home ( as most here know).  Now ordinarily I would’ve just come home and cancelled my plans at the gym because of how late it was getting  but I decided against that and did my workout all the same. Its easy to give in when youre in endless traffic and people are driving like assholes and you just wanna go home and eat and sleep but fuck that. I made it a point to go in miserable and when I was done( chest , tri and elliptical done) I felt leagues better. And I stil got home and ate a healthy dinner.

Point being is don’t let life beat you down to where you don’t want to do the things you enjoy. I’m gonna finish this evening probably reading from the new testament and maybe a few more chapters of slaughterhouse five which I haven’t read since I was seventeen at least. I’m far more fascinated with the history and trauma this time than the hallucinogenic fantasy elements pilgrim was having, and its been so long Ive forgotten so much. So it goes I guess.

I work both my jobs tomorrow so it will be a long day, but I have a few posts planned and aside my gym schedule looking to be Thursday , Friday, Saturday  for this week really just some prep. Gotta pay some bills and set next weeks budget. I’m looking into taking classes in personal investing a friend recommended Kaplan( any readers out there have ideas please send them; I’m even looking for contributors for this blog) plus I have to take a defensive driving course to get rid of some lovely fucking points recently put on my license too.

My first little short story lit crit will be up soon, it will be for the Robert E. Howard short pulp tale  Red Shadows. Any of you whove known me or my prior blog know I’m quitter Howard and Lovecraft fan and I’d love to share some of that here.

Plus I think I may want to talk about my recent revisiting of the well known anime classic Akira too, it weirded me out, even haunted me a bit, far more than the first time I saw it as a kid.

Anyhow that’s all I got for this evening, a great few days and some minor readjusting  and I’m solid as ever. To those who found this , thank you and I hope you hang around , I got ideas n’ shit.


citizen g


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