Sunday Afternoon thoughts

Greetings and Salutations! Back again for some updates and general thoughts. First and major event to discuss was watching my oldest daughter completely rock out at her band camp gig over in Amityville. The level of precision in playing her bass( when she played war pigs I’d swore there had been a mistake; this was not my daughter but Geezer Butler’s daughter!) I now dub her The Dark Queen of Thunder!!! Seriously she was really awesome, is a far better player than I ever was in my day and she’s only gonna get better. I am proud really.

Now onto business. While my time is sparse I absolutely committed to make the most of it outside my job(s). Yes, I work two jobs. All things considered I manage my time well. I’m an animal in that regard I don’t give a fuck. My main job is my career of 18 plus years, not to get into details but I work in a large public utility in construction oversight, in high voltage substations. The other a part time gig is in Ace hardware. I do two sometimes three days a week for some extra bread; largely a result of the divorce but quite often my hours get cut and I ponder how much more I really need it. I’m not crying about it , it is what it is and many people I know have to. So here I am on a Sunday afternoon with some free time after sorting out accounts and some bills and just getting my house back in order, with some free time. I don’t get my daughters until next weekend I hit the gym yesterday ( I always take a day for recovery; I’m not twenty two anymore :)) So I’m gonna use this time now to exercise and organize my creative pursuits and map out whats next for the rough cut.

Firstly my next article and perhaps even a periscope to follow will definitely be a light hearted one and touch on two things: the whole idea of retro gaming , as a hobby and an industry unto itself. Is it competing with modern gaming, taking away its dollars, or a complement or a separate sort of hobbyist industry, ? I ponder the hobbyist end especially considering the whole home brew subculture within it. It fascinated me and those are things I wanna look at.

And considering the fact I grew up in that era ( it falls on the light hobby side/collector for me, with my limited funds lol)I have a few systems with games I will do reviews of the first three of which are coming up this week, with a possible periscope included, once I figure out the best setup in my house. Its light fare and I hope to be working with Larry of The Retro Gamers Podcast ( who I also hope becomes a part time contributor here;) ) It’s a lighthearted venue for this blog and I hope a few folks interested follow along and enjoy the point of view I have to offer, I go back to the Atari days after all.

Film review will also be coming up on this blog; my first will be a re-watch of Akira, the classic anime. It may also have some sort of video accompaniment, perhaps with a few drinks as well. We’ll see though. The story and book reivews I started with Red Shadows will continue as well. That little piece , while no where near any level of real scholarship was well received in some circles and its encouraging to me.

During my separation process, I did a lot of dating and getting out there with women and just the changes from when before I got married and had kids, they’re mind blowing. Its a strange sad world out there and as I plan to get back to that I will chronicle and discuss some of my experiences as a newly single man.

Again the fifteen minute podcasts are in the works they will first air via spreaker. The initial segments will mainly be myself, I do hope it to be guest based as I learn the ropes.

Also any athletic or fitness ventures I undertake I will chronicle more frequently too; I’ve stated I try to hit the gym 2-4 times a week when I have the time, but I do enjoy other activities and may take up some boxing too.

Lastly I’m gonna start up a fb group for this whole thing here. While like I suspect many of us, I’m not a fan of the whole thing but it has its uses and my main purpose in using it is really to get prospective contributors. I want the rough cut to be a shared experience with people whose friendship thoughts opinions and experiences I value and would like to provide a small outlet for. Whether its this blog or any future video or podcast.

Yes I know its been brought up but its coming sooner than later now.
With that, Citizen G signing off


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