The week in review

Sorry it’s been a few days but there are blog posts in the pipe that will come down with a little more frequency

Off the bat,my project is being shut down for the rest of the year, maybe until spring.

Basically one particular aspect must be completed for safety reasons but between trying to get that right when it’s constantly changing and then demobilizing the rest of the worksite has been a little hectic and it caught up a bit I guess, leaving little time for organizing my thoughts

And being I’m in the process of restructuring my life I’ve gotten a better grip on my finances this week which had been in some disarray for years. While I’m not out of the woods yet every day I get something done paid or organized and it feels good to get control back .

So between last night and today my sleep patterns are a little off and I find my brain almost useless when I need it to work same w my body .

Either way I also did manage to get to the gym a few times this week before I crashed got some good workouts in. Kids are over for the weekend as it is my weekend as per agreement.

I’ve learned that when my body tells me something, listen and don’t try to fight it. If you’re tired rest . Be tired and allow yourself to recharge I’m not twenty anymore and while by no means am an an old man it’s important to not ignore any signs of fatigue either or I’ll wind up speeding the aging process. I’m not a person who tired easily either so I know the difference

My first last arcade post should drop tonight or tomorrow I review some old school games and my first movie post should also be dropping too now but enough talk on that.


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