next up in the rough cut…

So I just did a little more personal post. I wanna make it understood, that addiction is addiction be it games or crack and there’s more to it psychologically than what I discussed. Its hard for young guys and I cant blame the need for escape, my point being is manage yourself and your time and enjoy things the right way,on real terms not out of some compulsion.

Any how I’m  gonna be doing some writing soon on my experiences going back into the dating world when my ex and I first separated.Some are amusing all are damn strange and while I’m not in the scene for a bit now( trying to find time and alternatives to meeting women aside to these vile dating sites.

Yes I’ve  been ghosted yes I’ve been catfished too, I will chronicle them. I am new to this, I haven’t had to date or hook up in damn now fourteen plus years I went into it with an open mind cautious heart, not so serious either as I kind of knew my mental and emotional limitations going through the  divorce and whatnot; it affects you even if you’re well past done in the marriage. A big part of the fun was learning about the whole hypergamy game my place in it and so on. I hope my stories are amusing and telling. I don’t mind at times being the fool if something is learned from it long term, I did find when the time did come I used good judgment and learned what I didn’t want  quite fast.

I look forward to writing some out and I hope you enjoy reading them too, the first minicast is scheduled for the end of October, this will feature in one of them

cheers and goodnight again

citizen g


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