The Deep end : on gaming, young men today

My Day went something like this:

I woke up quite early , 3:20 am in fact. I don’t recommend it for everyone, I am an early bird , but the only reason I get up this early is to be out the door by 4 am, at my current construction project, parking is sparse and not in a great neighborhood; therefore I like to park nearby and getting there early increases my chances of a good spot.Thats gonna change soon as we are demobilizing; the projects money had to be reallocated and we will likely pick up again in the spring. It is A little extreme and yes its on me but its my choice, when I had membership to a 24 hour gym I was up at this time anyway to get in a workout anyway I make sure I take care of business too and get enough sleep.

I put in my 9 hours at work, dealt with many safety and engineering issues, meetings and site inspections, it can all be aggravating at times, rewarding when it goes well. This particular job was very poorly planned right out of the gate as well, nothing really went according to design and change order costs would make one laugh or cry or both. Again no point in crying foul, I always tried to make the best of a bad situation and save my emotions for later, but today while only Monday and while some last minute issues before shutdown were resolved to some satisfaction, I couldn’t help but feel burnt out and even a little demoralized by the experience in total. Just writing about this is new for me, its actually relieving in what little detail I’m bothering with, how much better I feel getting a rough day out. Its still a great rewarding job ,and I’m fortunate that have it and have kept it for eighteen plus years now.

So my work day ended around 3 , did my site checks returned the permit checked the site , pretty tired and grumpy, checked my accounts, and went on my way. Now by some small miracle, the belt and southern were moving very well, but I was in a pissy mood, I could’ve went home, ate like shit and napped, nope. I had bagged my gear this morning made a promise to myself that no matter what happened to me today, I would not skimp on the gym. And I kept that promise.

It doesn’t take much, only excuses not to go. I stopped, put in a half hour running 2.5+miles or so on the treadmill for thirty minutes , I don’t know how accurate but the machine told me I burned 420 or so calories. Not that it matters it the time I put in. Todays weight routine( I normally start with weight training but finish with cardio; switched it up today to get back up on the jogging) consisted of full body exercises, all machine work, lighter weights 5 sets of twenty reps for abs, chest , back , shoulders, biceps and triceps. It was one exercise each muscle group ( I normally pick a large and small group three exercises 3 reps of 8-10 of moderate to heavy, but again today I changed it up) All light weight, and I still got a decent pump and burn from it.

The weights training being I don’t take long breaks took about thirty five to forty minutes after the cardio, I showered up there ( as an aside this is not a 24 /7 gym, hence why I go now after work or weekends and not before). I came home, cleaned up, called my daughters to check in on how their day was ( they live with their mother), checked my mail, bills are on point, got money in the account and had a nice Caesar salad w grilled chicken for dinner with a glass of water touched with apple cider vinegar. I was gonna read a little from the new testament for a half and then continue my rereading of slaughter house five, but I thought about my day and what my other choices could have been and decided to write about it.

But why mention gaming in this blog posts title? What does my day have to do with any of this?  Well, let me explain.

As much as enjoy the occasional indulgence in some good old school games, as avid I was back in the day and as much as I enjoy revisting ( or checking out for the first time) these classics of my past, I know my limits with this , its a hobby and especially at this point in my life. I read about this fornite and overwatch or any of these games with micro transactions and the money and time people spend on it, its absolutely obscene. I cant be the only one who feels this way, alas the whole retro scene wouldn’t be as strong, I suspect.

Back in the day it was a much more personal communal experience. Friends would come over play some games , rank on each others mothers, sometimes laugh sometimes fight, always wind up hanging out outside playing football in the street or having a catch. Talking to girls. Getting into mild trouble. I get the worlds’ in a much more fragile state today, but man, are we that afraid of whats going on outside?

My youngest daughter, she loves the sims, loves minecraft, even a little call of duty on the x box. As Ive said I’m more on the old school end of it. I had my daughters this weekend, I spent more time racing around the block with her, teaching her to ride( at her insistence) than anything else, my older one, going over bass and songs and such ( we’re both bassists she at twelve is far superior than I was at 19 ). Had it rained maybe we would’ve spent more time gaming, really we got a quick ( intense  and hilarious, but again its time spent together and not online) session of toejam and earl, our current favorite old school 2 player game, and that was at night before bed. Again in its proper context, not all day all weekend.

Its affecting our health our relationships our time spent reading or writing. Some people say well, its an industry and there are pro gamers that make money and so on but, like anything else that’s like saying because we have pro athletes anyone can. Others I suspect don’t want to face the world. I don’t know I don’t have an answer. Maybe I’m just getting older and losing some perspective, maybe I just cant sit in front of a screen for hours on end either.

That’s not to say gaming should just be stopped or banned, I certainly don’t believe in that. I run an old school gaming group on Facebook for crying out loud!But I do believe there’s a vast difference between having fun with an interest and becoming obsessed.

Ultimately its about personal responsibility, time management awareness and self control, like anything else in this world its always your money your choice ( unless its your parents then they have to put their foot down)

And its not just limited to gaming either but its solely not the entire point. I plan on discussing films I enjoy some worthy of enjoyment and some overrated. However I do try to put it in its proper context in life. I enjoy the arts, and commenting and creating new content, but my faith, my health, my children, my finances, my career choices, my investments, my friendships, maintaining mental and emotional health, fulfilling my needs as a man, a father, the games, the other hobbies wouldn’t even be possible for me if those things aren’t met first.

1And that’s what I say to you the reader: put these things in their proper context and break the massive amounts of time you spend on them, spend them on learning about yourself ,or a real useful and rewarding skill.

2Understand why connections are so important, why being a man is more important today than ever in a rapidly digressing world.

3Read a little more ( a lot more) , find the classics even in film in music .

4Get a fitness regiment going. I’ve heard of people ( as you all ) wasting hours upon hours gaming not working not eating right. It will catch up, and being the best at call of duty isn’t gonna mean much long term. Life goes fast , you will not live forever and you could be missing out on a lot.

5Improve your appearance, improve the way you feel about yourselves . I’ve been there and still go there from time to time but like fitness you put in the work it goes a long way. Play the long game.

6Dont give up on the possibility of meeting a good quality woman , finding love , having a meaningful relationship. In the age of mgtow and metoo and all this crazy institution destroying insanity, its more important than ever to try. Take it from me, the divorced guy whom both parents were dead before I was twenty one. I have every reason to be bitter, and I refuse to . Id rather live fight love and die for better values than what the powers that be want to reduce the human race to. Its worth it and it births heroes. And the world needs real heroes not the fake ass cgi marvel/dc kind, all going in the socialist propaganda direction anyway ( another post for another day)

Anyhow ,  I believe we all have more thoughts and I certainly can write more, but I have to make my lunch for tomorrow and prep for the next day. If anyone ever needs to talk about issues and insecurities my inbox is always available. I felt this was important enough to touch as someone who does enjoy games, put the controller down once in a while, look in the mirror and make sure you like and accept what you can see.

citizen g signing off

cheers all!

UPDATE: I would like to share this link, come to your own conclusions


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