Friday Night Drink & a Flick: Rambo(2008)

Being I have the weekend to myself, and I may be laid up for a day while my leg  heals, I’m  gonna kick back and watch a flick for the evening to unwind and maybe have something to drink. Id say this is a sore tendon or muscle the pain is manageable but noticeable at a level 6 out of ten. I can walk , cant stretch well and it pulls every few steps.

So what better way to drown my cares with some sake and an old dvd

So I cant believe this movie is already ten years old ( and apparently Stallone starts filming another next week! God bless that guy he’s a machine) as I was stunned ten years ago that he went and made one.

I’m a sucker for these sorts of films no matter what you take of the subject matter or pulpy approach to the violence, this one had a far starker , more brutal tone to it than the others and it stands to me the better of the sequels despite Stallone being 60 or 61 when he made it. It still over the top but it did bring attention to the wholesale slaughter in Burma ( the crew was shot at while filming there).

Any how show time is  gonna be in a few,( well, it is in my living room), if you haven’t seen this before( I doubt) and you’re  ok with these action movies without super powers in them, this is a treat. There is some glaring cgi in some scenes involving large explosions and extreme violence, but all in all its a very raw ode to those insane action movies of the past. Looking forward to how Stallone pulls ( or even doesn’t pull) off a 72 year old Rambo in the next one…the guy trains hard via his Instagram , harder than half the guys my age or guys even younger!



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