using twitter, facebook, google etc…

Since I’m kinda laid up with a pulled muscle or tendon off my hip tonight, I thought Id share a few things

Firstly it disturbs and pisses me off to no end Alex Jones and now James Woods were targeted and removed from Twitter( Jones from Fb and well almost everything for that matter….my question is if he’s such a loon and not to be taken seriously….why is he taken so seriously to be removed and unpersoned?)

And they are deliberately targeting voices on the right and have been doing so, though many of the left have been saying and inciting hateful things miles worse and without thought or invitation to debate either.

One can argue , well its their company they can do what they please. They are a platform where we are sold ( even though we are the product being sold) that we can post our thoughts feelings opinions and be allowed to speak freely. And while I believe people speak freely anyway, no matter what system oppresses or doesn’t , there is no speech without consequence or being held responsible for what you say. You give an opinion, make a statement of fact, youre held ( or should be ) held accountable to support it with some sort of processed or empirical evidence, from reliable data or experiences( and then theres the matter of honest speech, like Dr House used to say, everyone lies. I am too held accountable for what I say whether I choose to answer or not.

And with social media we were already judge jury and executioner with the ‘unfriend’ or block buttons… why do we need anything else?

That said even wordpress I chose deliberately over google because I don’t know if I can trust them anymore. I’ve had an email account for years with them, which I plan on slowly phasing out. Apple wants to give you some sort of score based on emails and phone calls???  Fuck Off I wont use apple pay at all…but how long will it last before these downright revelation type forced ways to spend spread?

Well, you can keep your heads low but the sad news is , we ARE the product and our skin IS in the game , whether we like it or not.

So I keep my facebook for now, but I limit its use, report and block any ads and look for alternatives that will replace it with better practices. I really should get rid of it, too many I know use it and it still hasn’t gotten as crazy there ( slowly it is , from what I understand mid terms have something to do with it) as twitter whose platform I prefer but truly cant stand the companys direction.

But I have found alternatives:

Gab is an excellent twitter replacement with video , groups and growing options I may even be willing to pay for a premium account. None of the things people have said have I found to be true, Ive met very nice people through there and interesting groups and threads.

I just opened a proton mail account which is protects your personal info, I don’t know too much about it other than it too is growing.

I’m looking at bit chute as a replacement for youtube which if I do video in the future I may use but youtube is also on that Orwellian sort of slant.

I’m sure theres plenty more though the facebook killer app is yet to come.

Anyhow that’s post 1 for the evening. Ill probably blab a bit this evening as my plans are shot



here’s a link to a periscope that emphasizes my concerns


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