YouTube, BitChute, A month of The Rough Cut & the weekend

Hard to believe we’re in October, and the end of 2018 is starting to loom on the horizon. The Sun is rising later, and setting earlier( daylight savings will temporarily set that off a bit, and here in NY we seem to be experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer.

It’s been a little over a month since I started The Rough Cut and while I try to put out as much as possible, it is a challenge to post when other obligations come first, family and work . But that goes without saying everyone who does this does it on their own time at first, and I’m enjoying the push.

41Sk’s articles have been met with tremendous approval and talking to him he’s very enthused and has more planned. Besides his encyclopedic musical knowledge he also has a passion for history as well. We have been talking quite a bit as to what’s next, and while this blog will serve as a base of operations, the brainstorms and expansion will continue.

What is The Rough Cut exactly? Well I see it still in its infancy and this is a place where Id like to get people to write , even if its short , about the things they love or how they’re living ,as many layers stripped as possible.

I had a long week ,( with some very strange occurances early on) which did end on a high note as I took off work tomorrow and wont be back until Tuesday .

I plan on making the most of it for this setup. I have at least two posts of my own about to hit, I try to set a goal for at least two a week now.

Periscope will be a semi regular thing I think, if it can be done weekly and 41sk  may make an appearance as well as others Id like to promote .Right now I use it mainly to practice speaking in front of a camera and well, speaking in general.

The podcast minis will appear on spreaker this month now as well. They will be limited to 15 minute shorts, probably one topic per episode and mostly plugs of some creators and contributors 41sk ad I correspond with and would like to have here.

We’re also discussing a youtube channel and bit chute as a backup as well. So a show to compliment the blog , periscope and podcast. A multi pronged approach. I have mentioned it a few times plugging away, but this weekend , aside some food shopping and financial matters to be settled, is a weekend to produce on our terms and I have to say its nice to have a guy like 41sk here who sees the potential and has the enthusiasm as well. It’s a slow process ,especially in the beginning , but we’re gonna keep at it.

So far the Red Shadows post and 41Sk’s doo wop posts have seen the most hits and promotion, so expect more like them here as well as personal tales from my own personal journals and logs. .

So the weekend is upon us, and I thank those who are following welcome new followers and I hope you stick around. If anyone would like to contribute anything from the heart, by all means let us know, send it over  so we can look at it.

signing off for now-

citizen g



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