Adios,Google +!

Seems google had a breach and didn’t report it.

This was concerning their failed google+ social media network something I had years ago(along with my “In This Corner” blog I’ve since deleted)tried to make use of but it never really worked or lived up to its potential. It’s biggest crime?

It was boring (hangouts is good though ,which I wonder if they’re keeping that alive)

I do have a gmail account now very reluctantly as I have too many contacts and accounts tied into that I’m starting to change and transfer over now as the landscape of the internet and social media is changing

I opened a ProtonMail account and use duck duck go as my browser so phasing google out (as much as possible;it’s probably too late to completely avoid) because I no longer trust these social media giants

Same with Facebook

I have an account I generally use to promote this on a small scale and keep in touch w family and friends. But they’re a terrible company and deletion is always a hair trigger away.

Like it or not my own weakness included , social media is more and more integrated into our lives

Like MySpace and I’m sure many yet to come and go google +as a social media platform now heads to its grave ( though according to the link not so much dead but reworked) and I am curious to see what comes next …and how honest it will be

What it is !

Citizen G


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