My favorite 007’s

Here they are :

While I love Dalton and Craig’s portrayals ,they both stay very faithful (with adjustments to the times) to what I remember reading in Ian Fleming’s novels and short stories, Connery’s 007 in those first four flicks took it to another level, perfecting Bond for the cinematic experience.

I also like George Lazenby to an extent; he was probably in the most underrated ( and one of my favorites in the series)Bond flick in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He had physicality and charisma , but at 29 years old with no prior acting experience it showed a bit onscreen. However I don’t think Connery could have pulled it off as well in the same breath.

While the late great Sir Roger Moore has the most films under his belt ( Eon films only , I won’t count that terrible Never day Never Again) and some enjoyable ones at that, his portrayal was more on the satirical/camp side, akin to Adam West(a Bond contender himself at one time)doing Batman.

And with Brosnan I really thought he came out strong with Goldeneye, the first and best of his Bonds, but I never felt the other films allowed him to really fulfill his potential; they often seemed more interested in product placement opportunities than actual movies and Die another Day stands as my least fave of all the 007’s beating even Moonraker.

I thought both Daltons movies were good if not a little inconsistent, the living daylights starts great and finishes well but there’s a little bit of an identity crisis in the writing , having carried over from the Moore era. License to Kill, though abrupt in its end is awesome, one the best and unappreciated Bonds, without a doubt it definitely foreshadows the dark edge Craig has brought.

For the most part I like Craig. Casino Royale is outstanding another fave and Skyfall is strong visually . I do like Quantum of Solace though it serves more a bookend to Casino Royale than an actual movie, I think it’s misunderstood. Many think (to a degree rightfully so it riffs on the overrated Bourne flicks ;it’s frantic editing and pace is more a representation of Bonds frame of mind, post Vesper Lynd betrayal and suicide.

Spectre is his weakest movie no doubt. It has some great set pieces and strong moments but it’s overlong and a little pompous in its victory lap post Skyfalls huge financial success .It is a very bloated movie as well . The whole Blofeld subplot concerning his personal connection with Bond was simply a bad decision and took me out of the flick almost completely.

I do however like the idea of spectre being the entity behind quantum and other foes of Craig’s Bond series .

With the threat of globalism and people like Soros alive, it’s much timelier than given credit for quite terrifying really and its opening sequence is wild too.

That said, not all Bond films stand the test of time, some are awful and with that , I’m gonna list the ones I enjoy the most from each actor.

Sean Connery:

1. From Russia with Love



Sir Roger Moore

1.Live and Let Die

2.The Spy Who Loved Me

3.For Your Eyes Only

4(guilty pleasure, it’s not good):

A View to A Kill

George Lazenby

1.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Timothy Dalton

1.The Living Daylights

2. License to Kill

Pierce Brosnan

1. Goldeneye

Daniel Craig

1. Casino Royale

2. Skyfall

My faves of the Bunch:


2.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Secret Service

3.Casino Royale


5.From Russia With Love

Now two things

Again , I stress A view to a Kill is a guilty pleasure it’s so cheesy and 80’s I cant help but enjoy it all the same . Great supporting cast and villain too.

The other thing I want to stress concerning this list and my thoughts is, that this isn’t a reflection of how faithfully adapted these films are from Ian Fleming, but strictly based just on the cinematic version of 007, merits and flaws considered in all.

As for any future commentary on the novels and short stories, well it’s been a long time since I’ve read them and they’re for another day. I do vaguely recall diamonds are forever and moonraker being among some of my faves there. It’s a different animal, and my criteria is a little different when I judge them.

I don’t know how much longer 007 can go in a pc /sjw influenced Hollywood (hell spectre was as anti globalist as one can get ) I certainly hope Bond does not get cucked and go out the way that franchises like ghostbusters ,Star Wars, marvel and dc are going. Or else James Bond (and the free world) would have failed in his efforts, as many of these new tentpole movies are nothing more than propaganda disguised as art and I’d have nothing to do with 007 of this is the path he is going.

I have a feeling though as long as eon cares about box office receipts Bond will be Bond and as in his fiction, may somehow defy the odds, shaken and stirred as he may be after all of these years.

Citizen G signing off, please give the rough cut a like and a follow more to come!

What it is baby!


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