Micro Wrestling Federation at Mulcahys-11/2/18

What it is !!

Welcome Back to the Rough Cut, and man is this one rough!

After a much needed recharge of sorts of few days following my 41st birthday, I wanted to get on and about with business and get creative work. After a bit of a personal lull, I realized I had been working long hours at both jobs, and the honest to God truth is sometimes you have to buckle down and put a few things aside because well, bills , child support, Christmas season on the horizon.So projects you’re dying to get on top of have to go on the backburner for a bit and priorities must come first. I’ve had to face some very brutal facts and admit to myself 2018 was a very rough, topsy turvy year for me personally, professionally and financially, one of the craziest and strangest in my life ,and getting back on your feet is much easier said than done. I don’t expect the next year so great either but not nearly as bad. Long story short I needed a break from this stuff just to decompress , relax and refocus. The mind, the psyche and soul need it too.

So it was nice recently to just get out and see something different and fun, and going out to see the Micro Wrestling Federation perform at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, NY was most definitely that, very different and a lot of fun, and afterwards I realized much needed night out.

I had seen this event coming up on my facebook feed  as did my buddy Larry from Mohr of the Same network, a runner of various podcasts and video networks. Larry is a huge wrestling fan too very hardcore and wouldn’t miss it. So between my self Larry and another friend of his, we all agreed to check this venue out at a local place by us, Mulcahy’s and last night.

We got there a bit early, had a meal and a few beers to start. The parking there kind of sucks being across the street from the Wantagh train station and all, but I did get lucky and found a spot on the same block, a rare feat. Around 8:30 or so the bar opened its back room in its club area to reveal a proportionally sized ring for the wrestlers all ranging between 3′-about 3’11. I could literally take two wide steps and be on the opposite side of the ring, and im not a tall man y any means.  Micro Wrestling is a small promotion starring about 8 talents and they do everything themselves, down to even selling their own shirts and apparel. Which of course, I had to buy one.

You had a libradore’ from the wwe and various other personas ( whom I apologize I cant remember the names except for Little Missy, the guest ref who also sold me my shirt and Super Mario Metal) mixing it up and what thought was going to be a gimmick turned out to be an absolute blast for two hours that had me screaming and cheering throughout. It certainly helped that we were only about fifteen feet from the ring and saw everything crystal clear. A Donald Trump impersonator showed up smoking and drinking too. The crowd loved it all.

It definitely was a dirty raunchy affair with the wrestlers mocking and calling out people in the audience. I myself was told specifically to ” clean my ears and get the dick out of my mouth” for  using the Stone Cold “what?!” troll on a wrestler whose character was designed to act like a mini me sort of version of the rattlesnake. I was in tears with laughter over it too, happy that I got the guys attention and being mocked is a plus at these things .

There was a singles match, a tag team, a lucha match which turned into a brawl, resulting in a royal rumble for the finale, each lasting about a half hour or so each, mainly to demonstrate the showmanship, and athleticism of its talents. And man did they deliver, in many ways far better than what Ive seen of the current wwe brand, which I cant get into. This had the right amount of time dedicated to any promos, and the emphasis was on the wrestling stunts they were able to do. The personas they adopted ranged from old school to flat out outrageous,the super Mario guy was the overall fan fave of the night too. I hope Nintendo doesn’t mind the dude was hilarious!

Le me just say this: the level of passion these folks have is phenomenal, they worked damn hard to keep everyone engaged ( the crowd loved it too) they were funny , their announcer definitely played to their strengths , though he did telegraph some of their moves before executing them, it didn’t detract. I have to honestly commend and respect these performers these guys give it their all and they deserve any attention and success they get. I hope they only acquire more talents and expand their promotion the level of genuine fun was throught the roof!!

I’m by no means a modern fan but I plan on seeing them again when they return to Mulcahys’ in July as well. The crowd was huge and I stress everyone there had a great time, the Trump impersonator was taking selfies with as many as he could handle, and while I did have to get back to reality and go home, the wrestlers did hang out and party with those attending afterward. I can safely speak while its definitely for adults, well worth it.

And even more important on a personal level, it was a night out with the guys. I had a few drinks and a shot, hung with me friend and made a new one, via Larry’s friend Harry. I tend to go into hermit mode and get a little antisocial when pressures on and this was a step to change that for myself a little bit. There were some nice ladies there as well, though I wasn’t up for mingling at the moment ad as I may have stated, I’m in n real rush to get back into dating just yet . Anyhow, a special shout and thanks to Larry (first pic is us below, I’m on the left) of Mohr of the Same network, and now I’m gonna share some pics of the event, enjoy!

Citizen Gimg_1995img_2006img_2019img_2027img_2024img_2033


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