The Current Reading List

If you’ve been following here, you may have realized I’m an avid reader.

In fact I don’t have any cable connection in my current place so the only tv or movies I would watch is either from my blu Ray/ dvd collection or Amazon video, both of which I rarely do. I have a few old school systems I toy with, but nothing holds me like the intelligent human mind, the human voice captured in print.

I am quite happy in my long day and with little time to myself, to read. My eyes are still good , aside my trips to the gym 2-4 times a week I believe in keeping the mind as well as the body as sharp as one can .

So 2-4 times a week at least for an hour I read. Usually before bed.Not just one book at a time but a few and I don’t feel a need to rush. If there’s something over my head I go online and try to research too.

Sometimes I’ll find a short story or poem outside my current list but right now I’m in the middle/ almost done with/ and just starting five books all with some sort of significance to me.

One I’ve read when I was young, one I attempted but never finished, and three for first time.

Rather than list them I took photos and here they are:

I am definitely engrossed in every one so far and can recommend them all

Cheers and signing off….What it is!!!

Citizen G


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