A productive day for a vacation day

Maybe next year I’ll take a vacation and actually go somewhere.. and blog about it or some such thing, but this year its the season to get things moving. I get so many vacation days a year and I tend to schedule them around the holidays so I can stretch them out better. That’s gonna change a bit partially because of my divorce agreement, which means I have to take a week either winter or spring recess for my kids. And that’s fine with me I always look forward to my time spent with them even if its not reciprocated throughout the years. And I understand too, we were all teenagers once and my girls are on that cusp.

Secondly I hope to not be working two jobs by then, resolving some of the issues that hang over me financially as the divorce sees a judge and gets completed. Many stay legally separated and that’s fine its all legit, but I myself would prefer to see it through as it affects health insurance and things of the like.

Now its thanksgiving week, I week I love to take off and will always take off while I work, you cant just lay around all day every day. You should at least one day try to make the most of rest though the body needs it.

This year being its my first real thanksgiving without my kids on my own, I caught up firstly with my cousin , my peer and my bro Paul two nights ago, to talk about life ,family cousins work the usual. We had a falling out years ago and didn’t speak for some time  but I’m glad we buried the hatchet, some things are so stupid through the lens of time. He has been one of my biggest supporters and I never realized or appreciated that I do now and I hope he knows it, he’s an intelligent deep guy and its really a pleasure.

Also since Saturday, Ive upped the visits to the gym as well slightly altering my workout program which I do every few weeks anyway to keep it fresh and painful . I focused Saturday on solely upper body large muscle groups, chest back and shoulders with minimal cardio. Sunday I did my walk in the park solely for cardio as ive posted here before, I walked roughly 3.9 miles .

Today when I woke up and after transferring child support and maintenance to the ex, and loaning my brother a few bucks…and paying some bills I ate and focused on biceps triceps forearms and some abdominal work with stairmaster as the choice of cardio. I feel it believe me and one thing I’ve definitely noticed about hitting my forties you start to feel it a little more for a little longer. I’m sore as hell all over and I love it. I even did a small periscope after the gym, to say whats up and again talk about whats coming up..

Then the usual stuff, except I can get it done during the day instead of cramming it all on my evenings off from job#2, food shopping, laundry etc…..notice what I’m doing and its sort of the point of this…

For weeks now I have said a podcast is coming  and its being planned and its almost right and it has to be perfect and the moon has to be aligned with….awww fuck it it was time. I had known for a while how I would introduce the show I found a good tune to kick it in gear and today I finally ran with it after some laptop technical issues. And now that  I finally  did it, and it reflects what the rough cut is about.

Even though its literally a ten minute intro to what I want it to be content and life wise, its what its all about: ordinary people using the mediums tech provides to express themselves, people who may not normally get the chance . Hopefully it resonates ,I felt so euphoric I did another periscope after for some extra insight which may be a thing as well.

As I said im gonna work with my buddy on ep 2 maybe three  and I did like the format, more than being on video so thatll be the next thing to overcome. I want my kids to see that; I want them to see its not easy, even for me a lifelong professional in my field with various skills sets.

In any respect this vacation day in its own way wound up being productive small step in self improvement for myself and hopefully the beginning of some enjoyable and real content

-Citizen G



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