Forgetting I’m not 20 anymore….

Man, I’m in a lot of pain tonight, and quite frankly, I’ve got to take ownership of my ignorance and fess up. I had some vacation last week, and I made sure I hit the weights and I hit them pretty hard.

I hit all the right spots and it was a good workout but on day three last week I did a full arms day, and I went a little heavier than I normally go. I threw on a good extra 30 or so lbs than I normally do for my tricep pull downs and I know those last reps I started pushing out rapidly and fast, ignoring technique and I damn well knew better but I got in that kid mode that Id just recover.

Well I cant say I was too surprised about the pain in my right shoulder blade(closer to the spine and neck) that hit the following day, I felt it a bit when I did it but I had done so well otherwise I chalked it up to a day or twos rest and all would be well. Nature reminds me quite painfully Im not a 20 year old or even a 30 year old kid and I have to work out smarter now as its been several days and recovery isn’t progressing as fast as it used to be when it comes to compound exercise related injury.

Been struggling to sleep and may go to the chiropractor, a word unheard of even five years ago .I feel even worse because it was my weekend with my daughters and while I managed fine to drive them around it got to a point holding an nes controller to play with them was actually painful, and that never happened to me before. My kids were cool about it, even poked a little fun at me for overdoing it. haha laugh away, I deserve a little ribbing.When I do return to the gym9 hopefully not a doctor ) Ill adjust my workout a bit.

But I remember scoffing at a mechanic I worked with a few years ago who said it all starts to hit at 40. Well at 41 Im starting to see what he was getting at .

Citizen G



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