The Most Wonderful Time of the Year….

The silly season is upon us and all of the usual madness that goes with it, is of course in full swing. Car accidents are up, the weather is  getting brisker , and people are generally more stressed and a little ruder , downright crueler than normal.

And lets face we all have a lot of shit going on this time of year, money is tight for many , families bicker over gifts and parties, try to make arrangements or get out of arrangements ,kids are stressing over their semester exams and people are just out there , driving each other nuts. When it hits for some of us, its nice. But that time leading to it is hell, we all know it

I work two jobs. When you’re legally separated/divorcing and have to make payments out, weekly, believe me it helps when the overtime is dry, and I kinda like to keep busy too. It’s my choice as well, I make no excuses nor ask for pity, it’s something I have to do  and that’s really it. I still do and make time for The Rough Cut, a brand I hope to build moreso next year.

One is my career of over 18 years now the other is part time at a mid level retail hardware store. Perhaps you’ve heard the silly jingle over the radio. … yeah, that place. I’ve worked all sorts of jobs in retail in my youth and was even management before I embarked on my real career. I’ve also worked in and out of construction demo, home improvement etc… and I see these young kids working their hearts out and taking a shit ton of abuse. Its almost a rite of passage  in a way, as I think many in my age group have been there before, but I cant stand to see some of these kids, who are as bright and industrious and hard working as any I’ve seen, take their first real licks life deals them and as much as I know it almost has to happen I just wanna put a reminder out there.

Firstly there was an incident with these youngster this weekend where they tried to stay late after closing to clean up, this time of year things can get crazy and it’s necessary. Outside  a half hour after closing an individual demanded he be let in to buy something…a half hour after the store was well closed. Apparently ( I was not there  but I trust the word of these kids ; they’re all honest) this man blocked the exit in order to force himself in if employees were to try to leave. He was asked to leave several times, the drawers were counted out and computers shut down .  I would’ve called the cops in the interest of the employees safety and protection of store product because, quite frankly you don’t know who you’re getting at that hour the person could’ve forced his way in and robbed or harmed these kids. The store keyholder isn’t even 20 years old yet, I commend him for taking on the responsibility of running and closing the store without senior supervision alone, which in and of itself speaks poorly for the company. As far as I’m concerned youre putting them in danger. Remember these could be your kids too. I will bring that point up again.

To make a long story short, the employees exited out of the back where one of them notified a cop, who was at a shoprite next door to talk to this person , who by every account was behaving erratic and hostile toward the staff. The guy saw the cop and took off . Now if this was a real emergency why run from the police? Stay, explain the situation . This guy apparently went home took to social media outright lied about what occurred and lambasted the company and the employees who were completely in their right to be afraid . And as you’ll see , the company completely shit their pants, cucked and took his side.

Today upper management called the store and chewed the kid out for not providing better service, knowing damn well store policies towards closing have to by their very nature of insurance and liabilities,  have to abide by. The store was long closed, the security codes were in, drawers were long counted out they literally were just finishing up cleaning for the next day. Are you supposed to reopen the store now for anyone who shows up a half hour to an hour late after closing?The kid was very nervous on the phone; he was wrongfully  being chewed out and bullied by this piece of shit manager and I saw it first hand; I honestly thought he was gonna cry. He stumbled on his words and stuttered his way through and failed to mention the threat that he and the other crewmembers felt at this confrontation BECAUSE he was so intimidated.

IT burned my ass even though I know he has to go through with this bitter pill, it will make him stronger long term and motivate him to pursue his academic and career goals, than be stuck there as a career.

It also goes to show two other things: people customers and companies give zero fucks when covering their asses. Once you know this ,you make peace with it and your job becomes a lot easier, if not not the next job.

Its a lesson I learned ages ago, it just breaks my heart sometimes even to this day when I see kids get their reality cherry popped in this manner. Today was a day where they were severely understaffed and extremely busy, no store of this caliber and name should be so understaffed; while I did my shift and even worked an extra hour and a half because I saw what was going on, it doesn’t really affect me so much because I know how to deal and it isn’t my career , I can walk away any time from it.

So while I can really say nothing to the management nor would I want to, they have their interest to protect and really theyre used to turnover; I say this to all those good young people in retail, food service or any service oriented business: hang in there. It’s all very real very raw and can be very stressful.  Remember why you’re there its just a small stop to whatever bigger goal you choose and don’t give up on that. The people that abuse you, don’t take it personally , they clearly have their own problems and issues and you are the easiest target. Some are just hurting, some are just lowlives, don’t fret what you cant control, just stay in control.

And to all of us consumers and shoppers and managers and those dealing with shit the kids cant see or get: Remember these can be your kids working these jobs, just tryng to do right. Do an of you wanna hear your kids come telling you how they were called a worthless piece of shit for just trying to do their job , by a mean stranger? No one wants that at least I’d hope not.I know its a hard time of year, go easy on them, it’s the Christmas season, try to pull out a little patience , maybe a little kindness too. We have  that responsibility to show them things can work no matter how painful it gets sometimes. And be careful as you shop too, a lot of nefarious individuals are out there preying on all of you too, its a lot but its also a chance to show how to be or learn to be above it all.

That’s the best holiday message I can give from the rough cut, I do this for my young co workers who are trying so hard to learn and cope with the realities of life. Patience , Understanding , Kindness and Vigilance.

What it is folks, what it is

-Citizen G

Also: Periscopes, podcast and youtube vids are in the pipeline keep an eye out for updates!



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