2019 Post 1

What it is people!

Here we go 2019 first blog post of the year. As I stated last post, I took a nice lengthy hiatus for a few weeks to wrap up the new year, it concluded with a very nice two week vacation which wraps up Sunday. That rarely happens where I have enough days left in the year to stretch it out but I caught up on some much needed rest , reconnected with some family and generally speaking had a quiet New Year, which is what I preferred. A stogie was in order for the next day, as I tend to smoke my cigars outside as to not stink up my apartment and it was downpouring that night. A little bit of sickness from what I suspect was linguini and clam sauce may not have helped ,but  I survived, watched an Instagram livestream from my good friend Larry of Mohr of the Same, and slept it out.

And I am pretty good with that actually. My brother , Larry and myself had a nice lunch together the next day, and I’ve generally spent the last day or so catching up on my reading, watching an old cheesy movie, hitting the gym etc.

Tomorrow I am going to begin recording my first youtube video. I am deciding on the actual topic, but I am going to be packing and smoking a pipe on it for the very first time. The past few months I have taken to cigars , trying different kinds to see what I like, investing in cutters a humidor and so on, and pipe smoking appealed to me as well. Aside the excitement of flavors and types that have revealed themselves, I find myself quite relaxed to almost a buzz when I smoke a good cigar. I’d never touch a cigarette as its made to get you addicted  and all the chemicals and shit they put in, I see this as a new emerging hobby I tend to discuss more . So I am excited and a little apprehensive as I have very little experience making videos and im doing it all off my iPhone, so its going to be a test in patience on my part.

So as an FYI my first tobacco for the pipe will be an aromatic captain black cherry. It will be smoked ( or attempted to be smoked) out of a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe as I discuss whatever subject comes to mind.

The other new thing with me this year is learning Chess. 41 damn years and Ive never shown an appreciatioj or understanding until recently.Now this generally amounts to me losing to one of my oldest best friends online, managing a draw with the computer on the easy setting , and managing to beat my youngest daughter (on a real board I purchased recently) once ….out of five games!

Pathetic start, needless to say but I very much enjoy the process and the depth of the game does reveal itself , even to my inexperienced brain. There’s a few other games I’m interested in but I’ll get to that too.

As far as my book list, I am at the end of Rollo Tomassi’s  Rational Male. I found it to be an enjoyable and a little repetitive, but I also understand by its very nature it has to be. To present new ideas or true ideas on how to view women and relationships and dispelling some Disney-esque myths for some unsettling truth, the ideas have to e pounded and re-pounded into young men’s ( and some older) heads.

As a man going through divorce it was an eye opener and forced me to be honest with myself on a great many things, for better and worse.

Slaughterhouse Five is done, second time I read it and it held a lot more weight than when I last read it twenty four years ago. I recently watched a very good Owen Benjamin video where talks of how one should at least once in their life kill their own dinner to understand the gravity and importance of lifes cycle , and what the taking of life can lead to, imagine that on a war scale , the complete and utter height ( or low ) of dehumanization, even towards those you hate, or are conditioned to hate via propaganda. Well Slaughterhouse Five is as anti war as it gets, exploring the madness that could happen to even the strongest, much more so a man like Billy Pilgrim who wasn’t built for war or violence to begin with.

I’m also slowly trudging through Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung. I take it a chapter ( or essay) or two at a time, its definitely an intriguing read, but like with any psychoanalytical books, I take it all with a grain of salt.

And finally the first of two Christmas presents from my brother, I start Narcissus and Goldmund last night with a coffee . I read about 68 pages nonstop for two hours . I tend to know when to stop because my concentration suffers and I start rushing and skipping sentences to paragraphs, but this book enraptured me.

I used to also read Herman Hesse’s books as a young man, Demain and Siddartha being some of my favorites, I never read this one. It seems to tell the story of two friends in a monastery, a teacher and a student who are of different backgrounds and personalities but connect with each other and forge a deep connection, and it seems to go on for years, even as they part ways. I’ll be reading more today I’m sure of it and it will be discussed here as well.

Today was my first day back at the gym. I started with light weights on all three shoulder heads and emphasized cardio with a forty minute brisk inclined walk on the treadmill. I had been suffering with a mild case of gout, so between that and the insane amount of water Ive been drinking I seem to be on the mend now, my diet went on the slide during the holidays and like everyone else, I’m trying to get a grip on it.

And not to make this too long, I have three to five  blog posts in the works between now and Sunday. The first is Robert E Howard related ( sort of ), the next is revisiting that old cheesy movie I mentioned, and I’m gonna be revisiting the Last Arcade series Ive done on retro gaming. I’ve been pondering the dating scene again, though I still feel quite ready yet that’s a whole other day.

So here’s to a good start out of the gate, I will be back later  with more while Im still on staycation!

What it is!

-Citizen G


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