Smoke of the Month#1: Romeo y Julieta 1875

Believe me ,I’d enjoy doing this weekly, but being that I am new to the tobacco/cigar hobby,I’d much rather do a slow burn and talk about a cigar a month. The purpose is as much for me, so I can learn as I stumble along, as it is for readers who may also be interested , as well as  for more seasoned aficionados , who I hope would be kind enough to offer some pointers and suggestions too.

So mid November, I started to try a few cigars, I found it relaxed me greatly physically and mentally and as far as any health related issues, I’m no longer worried about that. I tend to generally eat right, hit the gym take care of myself and even with that, you can still get sick. Nothing is guaranteed in this world and Im at a stage were I want to enjoy myself as well as maintain my health. I see smoking cigars no differently than trying various wines or spirits, there’s a knowledge and art to it that fascinates me, but I’m not gonna wax philosophical on my reasons, they’re mine alone and lets get to the stogie of the month. I grabbed my first cigars simply by asking people around , peers, friends co workers, and a little research on that internet thing. One of my oldest friends mentioned he enjoyed Romeo y Julietas, and during the silly shopping season I found some in a local smoke shop and went all in.

To my understanding, the Romeo Y Julieta 1875 is a solid entry level cigar for newbies like me, and a decent go to cigar for all occasions. There is the wrapper , which is from an Indonesian leaf, and the binding leaf and filler, both Dominican. The Vitolas (shape , size) were parejos, which are cylindrical and capped, ranging from a Churchill size ( 7 or so inches .47 ring gauge) and some Robustos ( .50-.52 ring gauge, about 5- 5.5 inches). While suffering with gout I haven’t any drink to go with them, I’ve read ( and watched on youtube) that bourbon might be a good drink of choice to go with it so I do have a bottle of four roses I’ve yet to sample. Maybe Ill save that combo for a video or periscope.

So to be brief , because Id honestly be cheating you if I tried to hard to critique it like a pro, I found it to be mild, a little oily with a slight spice. There’s also a sort of sweet creamy sort of aftertaste that really made me wish I had bought larger ones, I really enjoyed it. I had no issues with the draw (to be honest, any cigar I’ve smoked thus far have all had good draws). The Churchill size took me a little over an hour, maybe almost an hour and a half to smoke, and the Robusto just under an hour. I took my time, and really took it in as an experience and not just something to pass time or a quick thing to do.

I even got a nice lengthy buzz from this too. I swear I felt the tension physically leave my body, even the strain left my eyes ( which has been happening the past few months) I really had an earthy, almost spiritual experience, which is another reason why I think I’m taking to this so much.

So yeah I definitely would recommend this as a first smoke, it’s definitely one I will go back to as well. If you’re interested , try it. If there’s some seasoned readers out there who would like to recommend a stick based on this , please I am totally open to suggestions.

So next month, I am going to talk about Aroma di Cuba, Mi Amor most likely, unless I try something this month that blows my mind and I have to talk about! Also I am very interested in Italian Toscano cigars ( similar to what Clint Eastwood smoked in his spaghetti westerns), it seems like an entirely different type of cigar experience altogether. I’m gonna order and track some down, starting with Originale and Classico.

I may talk about gas station brands too. I’ve tried three, I’ve eliminated two and basically only seem to take to Backwoods sweets…save it for next time.



Citizen G


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