Simple recipes #2: Sunday Eggplant Parm

As I prep to watch the Jets lose today, I thought to myself, ' what's a good comfort food to make today that will provide moral support and last a few days? Whats another nice dish I can make on a Sunday?' The answer came instantly and it's one of my faves: Eggplant Parmesean. It … Continue reading Simple recipes #2: Sunday Eggplant Parm


Morning Run 9/7/19

So this morning I went for another , slightly longer jog. I definitely felt an improvement from Monday and I feel more energized this morning The app says I burned a total of 486 calories I think. This week I also hit chest and tris at the gym with stairmaster for cardio. It was a … Continue reading Morning Run 9/7/19

Morning Run 9/2/19

So I did my first outdoor run in well over a year and a half; I didn't do much running when I lived in Bellmore I mostly walked in newbridge road park It felt really good though my performance wasn't my best I expect to improve over time here are my results: