Sunday Weigh in 9/1/19

So I was a little late for the weigh in today, but its all good. I'm actually up 2 lbs at 229. I'm not discouraged in the least, this weekend I was heavy on the upper body weights light on cardio, and a little more carb friendly and water lite than I had been in … Continue reading Sunday Weigh in 9/1/19


Wednesday weigh in

So as of this morning, I've generally stayed the same weight so far this week, floating at the 228 mark. That's not a bad thing, and generally expected to have some slow downs from time to time, I tend to see a difference by the weeks end So I will keep doing what I'm doing  … Continue reading Wednesday weigh in

Monday weigh in

Well it appeared to be floating around 231 to 232 which is about the same as last time Still great progress considering I didn't get to hit the gym as much as I'd like to last week This afternoon I'll strictly be hitting cardio with a thirty to forty minute jog on the treadmill